I still have to work on my networks…

Well, this is my 2nd post and I hope that I will be able to pass the word around and let people know that I have changed my blog site and finally settled on one that I feel comfortable to write at. The thought of being known is good but you have work at it and this HTML thing at times is not my cup of tea…Wordpress has done a good job in making sure that when you post something on the site..it will be easy as ABC…but I wanna do more with ideas and this blog….I have always liked Brana’s  blog…I know there are many other blogs out there…but when you read his, its like he writes whatever and it will still sound and feel right..(Brana is one the people I worked with in THE ORAL STAGE production)…he is uber FUNNY!!! Seriously…Well, I have linked him as well on my page…

One more person that I love to indulge in her blog is, Patricia whom also I worked with during the production of ROJAK with The Oral Stage…She is a like a poet cum writer who can write anything and everything in a cool way..If you click on her name and check out her post on the sock monkey she had created…That is really cool Pat…Keep it up…

Anyway, its like 11 am now and I am in the office just hanging around still waiting to do some work…Apparently being a PR Executive is not that fun anyway..hehehehe..lots of covering other people’s @$$ is what PR do….It’s True…

-Later Days-


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