My Philipines Trip…

In the month of October, I went to the Philipines for a long awaited vacation and also rest that I was longing for ages…I was in the city of Baguio…It is really preety and the sights and sounds of the city is different to the places I have been. The whole posse included Ian, Susie, Winnie & Yee Ling (From my church), the others were Ian’s classmates from TAR College, including Aruna, Hui Ping, Megala and Christy…It was an awesome time spent there…I think the memories from this trip will be really memorable and unforgetable….And also I will make a trip there once again when I have the chance… Anyway here are some pictures from the trip…

Horizon View..

View from Air Asia carrier…Now everyone can Fly..


From left: Winnie, Aruna, Christy, Hui Ping, Megala & At the back: Ian & Me…

img_7703.JPG Baguio City in the evening


A Day old Chicken…Filipino delicacy…


Cappucino Delight at the Cafe by the Ruins..


Kids at the Baguio City Elementary school

Well, these are some of the pics, I will post more soon…till then…

-Later Days-


One thought on “My Philipines Trip…

  1. ellos 🙂 hahah the man who has gone from blogspot to xanga to wordpress.. may your new home in cyberspace be a happy one 😀

    *brings blog warming gift*

    Linked you too!

    Ooh i like your bagio evening pic – nice..

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