Tuesday Blues…

Its raining heavily here in Cheras, Taman Connaught and the place where I am sitting at, is situated exactly behind the main air-conditioning vent…The cool air that is coming out is making me feel I am actually trapped in an ice-box. Its freaking cold, I tell you..Well, I currently not doing much hence the post…Had a reasonable lunch, your typical Malaysian Indian cooking…I mean everyday I face the epiphany of curry and sambal and mixed vegetables ala masala style but today I still couldnt resist the fried chicken that was calling me….

Besides, had lunch with some college friends…it was really good catching up with old friends..after done with lunch I had some spare time so decided to make a trip to the Student Affairs Office. Was talking with some students and then I received a call from this someone special:

Me: Hey there…how are you?
Girl: I am fine (yawns) just woke up from sleep la…
Me: Ohh ok, had your lunch?
Girl: Just woke and call you ok…no time for lunch also…
Me: Ok la, i understand..
Girl: How is work? Any peminat now?
Me: No la….

I was talking to her for at least 20 minutes plus..was so glad that I spoke to her after so long…it’s been a while since we spoke…The thought of her is still vivid in my mind…The place I work in, Cheras will be the place that I will cherish to the most as I see certain landmarks when I pass them….Especially long walks in the pasar malam, having a drink in the mamak stall and etc…Well, that’s all for now…but if YOU read this always know that you are special…

Well, the Malaysian superhero is out, I just remembered this, my office friend pointed out to me from today “The Sun” newspaper…a huge print ad with DIGI’s promotion’s


Well, I hope the main man, Malaysia’s top comedian will pull off the show as expected yeah…I just can’t imagine how the show is gonna be but anyway in the spirit of Malaysian Boleh , Lipas Man also can !!!!                                       


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