Birthday’s all Week…

It has been a big birthday week for me…starting from Monday till this coming Thursday is birthday’s of friends of mine….Suddenly it’s like rain falling down from heaven or something like that ! Anyway on Monday was Hong Liang’s, Tuesday (yesterday) was Lam’s, Wednesday is Manju and on Friday a dear friend of mine, Erin ( miss you )….

It’s always good to know that the people around you are getting older and it lets them know that every year as they grow up they will cherish every moment of their lives. Like yesterday, Lam was, thanking all of us for what we have done and yada yada yada…Well, he is only 20, suddenly at that the moment I felt like an uncle in that dinner table while munching down cheese crabs…I am now 24 and looking down in a few years time, I am like…WOahhh!!! ( Too many details )..anyway I feel its always good to live for the moment and cherish the people around you and thank GOD for what he is doing in my life…

Anyway some pictures from Lam’s birthday:


A happy couple ( Ruth and Lam)


1, 2, Click…It’s a chain reaction la…


Yay, I am a big boy now…


Ladies of the night…From left : Susie, Joyce, Kim & Ruth




Awwwww, so sweet…


Joyce…Sweet as it can be…

Well, that is for now…maybe something cool and happening will be coming my way soon…so till then…Later Days…


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