Roti Telur & FHM Girls..But always Respect them,No matter how they are!

I went for lunch today and yes it was at Bestari…a well know establishment in the CMC/ Giant near my college. After walking the place and looking at pirated DVD’s, I thought of getting a small Xmas tree for my cubicle, so I made my way up to the Giant hypermarket to see what they have in store…So, went up to the mall and to my amazent they had a small Xmas tree but I am telling you it was the saddest looking tree that I have seen in my life…Well I decided not to buy em…Before making my way to Bestari, i stopped and bought this months issue of FHM whereby the 2007 calendar was with it as well…Oh goodness, gracious me..the ladies…Hmmmm, they look really HOT!!! with a capital H…well, had my crisp Roti Telur and after that made my way back to work.

At office, I was browsing through the calendar, there some of Malaysia’s very own stunning beauties with couple of ladies from overseas, namely Paris a.k.a Bimbo Hilton and Brooke Burke..Gosh I really have no idea why they had to put her picture up…it just spoiled the whole vibe man…My friend was like WOahh, wahhh and then WTF (@%!($&%!(*)hehehe, really man she just had to spoil it..but anyway I bought it because of this beauty…Presenting to you, the ever so hot and lovely:



Hannah Tan is the winner if the Miss Malaysia Petite competition, she is versatile in the entertainment industry as well as an avid model…(sigh) she looks really sweet and HOT !!! Anonther model that is well known in Malaysia is the suave and sexy Amber Chia, I mean no doubt she is the face of everything to anything, but she has the sensual look that captures ones eye. She was also the winner and spokesperson for GUESS watches. Here she is:



So, yeah no one can beat her sultry lips and sexy pout. I mean is so famous that aunties also know her because she endorses some traditional herbal mushroom product ( some sort of Lingzhi)…for the consumers, they will know her from the Pensonic ads that she is aired on, the computer geeks will know her from the F-TEC computer brand, the people who spectacles will know her from Focus Point eyewear company and the list goes on but yeah she will be Malaysia’s darling model who also came on Playboy: Indonesia…Anyway Amber you are doing well, keep up yeah…

As, for me its always good to love and adore women, also to appriciate them despite how they look and are. I mean its true, just respect as who they are and the world will be a better place…

-Later Days-


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