It’s a Rainy Day… Calvin & Hobbes..

Yeah it rained today, I got drenched after lunch, it was my good friend’s idea to run in the rain…Terry, I was like ok la, whatever ! As we were walking he told me the funniest thing…

“You know these are the moments I think ,I must leave all my macho feelings and carry an umbrella with me”…

And I was like yeah man…Its true, I used to think carrying an umbrella is only for girls and even if guys get wet in the rain, they should run but walk cool…but I think all that dont come to mind when ur in the middle of the rain. So, yeah it’s preety funny to know that guys are bit shy to carry an umbrella, but I think its a neccesity at times of trouble… Well that’s my short for today, anyway today I got an email from William, my colleague, it was comic strips of Calvin & Hobbes but this one is so funny…Enjoy:

christmas-eve-poem.jpg Click on the picture….


This is a good one as well…

Well, thats it for now…till then Later days..


2 thoughts on “It’s a Rainy Day… Calvin & Hobbes..

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