Pre Christmas Thoughts…

Christmas is around the corner and the air is filled with all nice and sweet, like candy canes, mistletoe’s, snow and everything nice….Well, that will be the look of Christmas maybe in the USA or England but in Malaysia, it will be same old hot and warm weather…sometimes I wish that it will snow in Malaysia *insert White Xmas song*….Yeah I can make a big snowman in the front porch and make snow balls and throw at the running dogs…hehehe, that will be cool ! I am not being mean to animals, but yeah…other than that, what else..yeah the warm feeling of hot chocolate with marshmallows….At times it different when you are in an Asian country during Christmas, the whole atmosphere is just different and at times the effort put in for Christmas celebration in Asian countries is different…

But the when I was in the Philipines, in October….everywhere you go the spirit of Christmas was felt…the mall, taxi, bazaar, bus station, coffee house..I am telling you everywhere…it was really weird but yeah I gues its because of the whole American influence, I mean their national sport is Basketball…

Anyway, that is  my pre-Christmas thoughts and there is 14 days to go and I cant wait for it…but must buy more Christmas gifts as well….Well, here are some funny pics of Santa and his escapades…Enjoy…

santadj.jpg Click here…


The Force is Christmas



Love the last one, I wonder how Jack and Rose were stuck on the Titanic?

-later days-


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