What Christmas means to you?

xtree.gifI have been wanting to write about this for a very long time now…Actually when you hear the word Christmas, people get excited about everything that is nice and wonderful, kids get excited about presents, parents worry about getting the presents, lovers find the solace in expressing to each other in a special way and at times the older one cherish this time of the year with the whole family.

There are so many ideas and concepts of Christmas, check out here…For those people who loves Saint Nichalaus a.k.a Santa Claus check out here for more details.

Besides, shopping malls are all decorated with the most elaborate and exquisite decorations, one place that has caught my eye in KL is The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, with its theme of blue and silver…it simply is breathtaking just walk down the mall and the whole street.


Well, to me I have always believed that Christmas is a time where you share the happiness and joy of GOD to them, thus not only during Christmas time but all year long, my boss has the “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” ring tone on his mobile phone all year long and asked him why? He said “Its good to be Christmas all year long and not just December”…I was like ok…but it struck me the most. Aren’t we suppose to care and share joy with all everytime of the year and not only one month. It is good to have the festivities and traditions going on but don’t forget its not an event but it’s a lifesytle, caring and sharing.

So, that’s Christmas to me and how about you ?

By the way, my favorite artist is coming out with her new album next year and her pictures for the albums and other pics of her are really stunning…Oooooooo ! She is really beautiful. Click Here for more of Norah Jones but these are some of her pics:


jones_4a_sml.jpg And there she is the ever so lovely Norah Jones…

-Later Days-


3 thoughts on “What Christmas means to you?

  1. very well said indeed. i have itchy hands whenever i see something i know the other person likes… ask erin, she knows exactly what i mean. but ppl ask me why i do that since it’s not even their birthday and it’s just so far away from christmas. all i say is i don’t know… i just felt like it. that’s my style. so i’m definitely with you on that one.

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