Very Busy LAH….

Its been a while la….I know but its been so super busy with me…goodness gracious me !!!! Work, church and other things has been taking a big big toll on me…but I am enjoying every single moment of it….Work has been really exiciting but they are challenges that I am facing but it is fun and I am learning lots of things from work as well… Other than that I have been working the new proposal for the online TV station project that the univeristy that is looking into…God willing everything will go on fine….it will be a big project for me and an exciting for me as well….

…anyway i will write more soon and Christine if you are reading this I am sorry I lupa to add you on my blogroll and you are still my “SI FU” for blogging la ok…take care dear…

Well, I am putting some pictures….will add in more later yeah….

-Later Days-


From Left: Donny, Me and Chee Yong at NEw Year service ( btw its only Sparkling juice)


The gang at Prince Cafe after Xmas Day….


A Very Artsy Shot of a Christmas Ornament

I will post up more pics soon, my college internet line is damn bloody shitty la….anyway take care and see ya all…

-Later Days-


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