The MAD Ticket Rush !

I am stuck in the office and checking out the Air Asia website on where is the free tickets for the various destinations that is being offered. Air Asia is givin out 1,000,000 tickets (FREE !!!) for anyone who wants to travel across 70 destinations across Asia…..Looks like I am selling the product very well….I am so tempted and I wanna go to some place for a holiday….Doesnt matter where but somewhere….The top 5 places I wanna go if I am goin la:

1. Thailand, Bangkok: Floating market and lots of shopping

2. Cambodia, Siam Reap: Angkor Wat monuments

3. Malaysia, Kuching: Rain Forest Music Festival

4. Indonesia, Bali: Get some waves and enjoy the beach

5. Hong Kong, Macau: Go gamble ( that wont happen LA !)

My colleague, William just booked two tickets and he got em both free…SHUCKZ!!! Well, the tickets were free but he had to pay for the airport tax that came up to RM 490 for two persons, so he just has to pay for accomodation and food..Arghhhh !!!! I wanna go….I hope can get free tickets….

I wish to be at these wonderful places…

-Later Days-


One thought on “The MAD Ticket Rush !

  1. Hey. Nice blog 🙂 If you’re interested, Pri’s sorta organizing a trip for the Rainforest Festival. Her, Dervin, me and some others la. Ask her for details if you want la k.

    Will you be auditioning? Hope to see you’s theres. Take care!

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