Its been a while….

Well, its been a while since I wrote my last post and since then lots of things has been happening….really good events the past week….the first one would be meeting up with my long lost buddies (actually not lost LA !) but havent seen them for a while….met up with Christine, Venice and Weng Onn. It was like old days in the CF as we used to hang out really late in the night and down countless amounts of teh tarik and Teh O Ais Limau…not to mention the loads of Ais Kosong….it was really good meeting up with them. We ate at Wong Kok in Cheras, then yada yada yada till the cows came home…then sent Venice back, she freshen up, after to my place for me to freshen up and lastly ended up at some place called “Prince Cafe” in Kepong….that was nice….Well, the funny part is we are meeting again this Saturday to eat at Klang…cant wait lor….

Next up was birthday celebration at my office, the January babies were Eva and Lee Yin from the Marketing Department…..Here are some pics from the day:

 Cake of the Day

Birthday Gal: Lee Yin

 Birthday Gal: Eva

Well, it was a nice and memorable birthday celebration….Besides I met up with my friends from 1st year studying in UCSI, all of them left as they had other dreams and places to go as they were studying…anyway that was my week and I am today in the office as usual…waiting to do some work…let see if I finish em….

Till then…… Later Days…


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