TM Net, Lindsay Lohan and other ramblings…

You know at times I just feel so worn at times that I just dont know what I am doing at work and my plans to write a proposal for the upcoming project for the university is being stalled by the crappy internet services provided by TM Net…at times I dont friggin understand the Malaysian government, all the big plans and talks to improve the state of the country is always being stalled by reasons and idle talking. Even if you called customer service of certain places for example the TM Net people, all they can say is, please be patient and wait as the problem is being rectified. At times I really wish if it is being rectified or not…Sigh…

Well, just had my cafe mocha drink and will be heading to get some workout at the place where very buff and strong work their muscles…I just need to loose bit of the fat part of my body la…At times we just dont worry bout these kinda of things and as Malaysians our national past time is eating…food like roti canai, bah kut teh or even the ever famous TEH TARIK ! is full of sweetness and fat…but people in Hollywood will do anything to get back in shape, just like Britney Spears who is trying really hard to make a comeback..(wish on Britney) and people like Lindsay Lohan is in and out from rehab of drinking…can you believe it, the sweet and adorable girl is drinking…Well in Hollywood anything can happen…Just like this person who love parading her jugs and now she is grabbin them….

Besides,at times we must be happy and cool with what we have and not looking at things that we dont have ( but its good to have dreams as well), always be thankful for the people around you and especially the ones you cherish the most…

Finally, random picture, this was taken by Joshua…Enjoy

My Shoes and Beyond…

-Later Days-


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