Bow Ties, Mat Rempits & TAK NAK !

Ciggy Haven

Ciggy Haven !

This picture was taken like two years ago in front of my friends house…It was ciggarates boxes that has been obviously finished…and they were well laid down by the smoker, it reminded me of the Pet Sematary movie that was derived from the Stephen King book of the same title…Only this was with the ciggy boxes…I bet this guy would have smoked the oxygyen out of his body….And just dont understand how they can do it non-stop…

Malaysia is known for campaigns and they can come with any titles of campaign without thinking…there was also an issue about wearing Bow Ties during the Parliament…I mean cant they talk better and constructive ideas to improve the nation or stop talking about notorius motorbikes and why they are called “MAT REMPITS”…

Just as the “TAK NAK” campaign to curb smoking has been aa failure to me, i suppose….I take the KTM train every morning…these are public places and still people smoke the chimney off in the early morning…I mean if he wants to die please do by any means but dont kill me….2nd hand smokers are prone to danger to the smokers as well. I vividly remember last week when I was at the largest shopping mall in South East Asia ( Mid Valley, Megamall), there was some stupid and moron smoking in the mall despite it being an air-condition place.

At times its so hard to comprehend the state of our country when we have people like this and how are we going to be a better place to live in when we have such people like this…Goodness gracious, its so hard to curb…but I hope that one day all these will come true and the word civic mindness will be together in the hearts of every Malaysian…

-Later Days-


4 thoughts on “Bow Ties, Mat Rempits & TAK NAK !

  1. SURPRISE! Hey you, how are u doing? hope everything is amazing! didnt know u changed your blogging addy until i visited your xanga.. well, we should meet up one day yeah.. it’s been so long since i last saw u, a lot of catching up to do! missing ya. till then, take great care of urself. God bless.

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