Yes, I have been caught with work and all, it has been not easy at all….One after another….There has been so many things happening and things I did….Loads to write and so little time….Well, maybe I will put up some pics….at least in that way it will be easier to read and kinda interesting as well…

Update #1 : Reshmonu: “Superfine” Album Launch Concert at The Curve, Sri Damansara


Reshmonu belting out some of his classic hits…

Good Shot

I really like this shot a lot…took so many shots to get this one perfect one..

Well overall the concert was nice and Reshmonu is a good entertainer….He knows where and when is the right time to gauge the crowd…Well, kudos to him and do visit his official website for more information on his new album “SUPERFINE”

Update #2: UCSI Modelling Course Launch

And yes, the shocking and unbelievable thing has arrived, the university I am workin in has started a modelling course…It is a short term course for 4 months….The launch was a success with models from the industry strut their stuff alongside 3 choosen UCSI students. The event was graced by Miss Malaysia/World, Miss Ameline Ng…Man she is tall !

Model in White

Girl in White…

Girl in Black

Girl in Black

Well, the event was good as it was a good exposure for me to practice taking catwalk shots….and not bad some of the shots I took were ok la…The good thing I am happy taking good pictures…

Update #3: Dinner with Church members at Bangsar Seafood Garden

Well, this dinner was given by the church to the board, staff and also people who helped in some events in church, well the GLO committee was there as well…Ian, Jonathan, Josh and me…

The highlight of the day would be…after the dinner the guys and me went over to La Bodega to get some coffee and drinks, so before we went there, we dropped by this DVD shop and Jonathan bought a DVD. This was so hillarious, after our long chat session of various topics,ranging from politics, who would rob the Swiss Bank, 9-11, Mat Rempits and many more we decided to head back to the car and Jonathan noticed he left the DVD at La Bodega, but on the way walking Josh and Ian were giggling and I was like wats wrong with these dudes, so we drove back to La Bodega at Jalan Telawi, as soon as Jonathan got off from the car, they burst out laughing throwing  the DVD back to me…and our friend was inside asking the waitress did they see any DVD’s..As he came back to the car…We all burst out laughing and that night will be a memorable one…Anyway some pics now…


Bowl Shots…


Lights outside on trees


Brothers…sons of Uncle Woon Kang….these two fellows are super hyper..

Update #4: Church banner shoot…

Joshua was taking some shots of the people in church to get the church wall design with a nice banner backdrop at the famous red wall…I wonder after that where we’re gonna take pics in the church…


Ladies in Da House..From Left: Angela, Annie, Melissa, Winnie & Jackie


Young Fellas….From Left: Jeremy, Bobby, Timothy, Aaron, David & Donny


Coolness…from Left: Lemuel, Me, Joshua, Lam & Ian

Well, there are more shots to be taken and yeah we are doing it this weekend….

Anyway, there are the things that happened so far…Well, there is gonna be a few more events happening and yes I will update them soon…till then…

-Later Days-


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