Anna Nicole Smith dies, Bomb Threat in Cheras…What next?

Hmmm, can you just believe it, as I was browsing through one of my favorite site nowadays, Perezhilton, I came across last few days there were few stories on Anna Nicole Smith and what has been happening to her recently. The former Playboy model cum actress and whatever not was having some difficulties but as I checked again, it was confirm she was dead and according to the various newspapers, it was said that she collapsed and died….She was 39 years old, and apparently her son of 20 years old just had passed away two months ago in the island Bahamas of overdosing himself.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith….

Well read more bout her ere: Anna Nicole Smith

Anyway, that is about for Anna, I havent seen any of her movies that she was in neither the Playboy images la…I mean we cant get it here in Malaysia, the closest to skin in magazines here is in FHM….In conclusion R.I.P Anna…

Well, the interesting incident that sparked a big frenzy in the Taman Connaught vicinity was the loads of police cars and even the fire truck waiting at the Esso gas station down the road from the place I work…Suddenly we were reminded to move ny cars that were parked there in a jiffy…But something didnt feel right at all….William and myself made our way only to find that there was BOMB found at the place and it was really suprising to hear that….The bomb squad manage detonate the bomb…Imagine what is gonna be around Cheras….Well am off to home soon and I am actually staying back for a bit cuz I drive the car today….

One more thing that I wanna show is, yesterday my scholarship student who is working for my department did the cutest picture on the Paint program….here it is….

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy

It was really adorable la….Anyway everyone out there better check out this new movie that will be out soon in cinemas near you….it is a new movie by local director, Deepak Kumaran Menon, who directed the movie “Chemman Challai” , The Gravel Road and his ne movie has already several awards internationally. So better watch out for “CHALANGGAI” that means Dancing Bells…and the best part it is in Tamil and talks about local Indians and the social stigma they have..


One more notice is this weekend do come for an event that will blow you away, it is being organised by this group called “Feathered Friends” in conjuction with Valentine’s Day and the whole event is for charity…so do please come and support…Check the poster below….and I will be emceeing the event with Erin…do come yeah….

Venue: Hartamas Square Food Court, Sri Hartamas

Date  : 11th February 2007

Time  : 8PM onwards

Bands for the night : Saer Ze,Estrella, Yuri Wong , Jerral Khor and Zalila Lee, Soft Touch, Izzi and The ROJAK Band – Diplomats of Drums


 -Later Days-


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