The Past Month and One Significant Victory !!!

Yeah, thats right…my last post was on Valentine’s Day and I did not have the right time to even write a this is to compensate all those two or more weeks after the Chinese New Year celebration that was awesome in KL and for me…The whole week of Chinese New Year was holiday and when I was at work the whole office and the university looked like a cowboy town…I couldn’t believe my eyes at all… But yeah that is what KL is like during holidays….

Besides this happened last month as well:


The Academy Awards

Click here for the full nomination and winner’s list. But I think Babel deserved to win the Best Picture award but the The Departed won as it was directed by Martin Scorsese…I think the Academy felt pity for him and finally gave him the Oscars and it was handed over by legendary film maker Steven Speilberg.

On another note, pop artists are goin nuts…Britney Spears in the limelight has gone bald and officically gone cuckoo I guess after she went on a rampage at her ex husband’s house and started smashing car windows when paparrazi’s took pictures of her. The funny part is her hair is on sale, hahaha…can you all freakin believe that? Here take at look at this:


Yeah this picture up his Britney’s hair and they are selling it online and its being bid up to USD$ 1Million…thats just BULL! Whats happening to the world…Hope everything will be fine…So what next, will they will be selling her poop as well…I just cant believe what people will do just to earn some money….

Anyway, lots of things happened but one that is still fresh on my mind is the English Premier League match of the century..the big clash between Manchester United vs. Liverpool and it was a sweet victory for the Red Devils…


LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 03:  John O?Shea of Manchester United celebrates scoring the winning goal as goalkeeper Jose Reina of Liverpool shows his dejection during the Barclays Premiership match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on March 3, 2007 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Well, I will be coming up with other posts soon…but for now..this is it yeah…

-Later Days-


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