My Seduction Style…

Hahahaha….I did this in the office…Check it out…

Well, looks like I am the hunter…I usually dont such things but yeah what the HECK !!!!

One more thing do check my friend Sharanya’s blog…She has got this major opportunity to go the USA to further passion in poetry…so yeah for all of you out there, see if you all can get any contacts for her yeah…

And to add the fun bit, The Oral Stage which is my drama group and our performance will be on soon…check out out poster:



Pentas 2

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)

, Jalan Strachan
Kuala Lumpur

April 19th – 22nd 2007 @ 8.30 pm
with additional shows on
April 21st – 22nd 2007 @ 3.00 pm

The Actors Studio Greenhall,

Ground Floor,Zhong
School Memorial Centre
32, Lebuh Light,

May 4th 2007 @ 8.30 pm
May 5th 2007 @ 3.00 pm & 8.30 pm
May 6th 2007 @ 3.00 pm

Tickets (includes handling fee)
RM27 (Adults)
RM17 (Students, senior citizens & the disabled)

Ticket Contact
KLPac @ 03-40479000
TAS Greenhall @ 04-2635400

So everyone out there do come and support the local arts scene and also come because you all out there are my friends yeah….


-Later Days-


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