Sugar High !

sugarWhat happens if you take a Snickers bar, drink Teh Ais, drink another can of Coke and to top it all of a big serving of Oreo Chocolate Cake? Hmmm, some would say its nice and a wonderful feeling when you have sweet stuff…but today I was SUGAR HIGH ! I was so so hyper la….From morning till now I was non-stop running up and down taking pictures for various events around the university….

First event was International Womens Day and it was done by the School of Social Science & Liberal Arts. The keynote speaker was Irene Fernandez and she is one brave and notable lady…The issues that she has been dealing with was mind blowing and she gave an excellent speech for this year International Women’s Day. She is also involved with a NGO called TENAGANITA , so if you all interested please click on all  the links…

Well, after that I was asked to take some pictures of some Nigerian students who nearly caused a riot in the university….For Pete’s sake…can UCSI stop bringing in so many of them…I mean I have met really cool ones but the ones who are the problematic ones are so hard to handle…So, I was like a photographer taking pictures of students whom apparently were in the wrong and some of them were covering their faces when I took the pics…

Well, after lunch went to take pics of the Pharmacy students oath taking ceremony….Hmmm, these batch of students were graduating soon and yeah….and Mr. Kit, the VP for academics gave a wonderful speech…He is really good la…maybe I should write one of his stories that he uses for his speeches…

Please click here as well SUGAR HIGH ! That is a good read as well….

Anyway tats about it now and for the ending part of my post I would like show the picture of the day..its my colleagues son…and he looks really adorable in this picture…presenting to you : Xander the Wonder Boy




Off to drama practice…

 -Later Days-


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