The Week Before….Updates..

There are a few events that took place last week and some happy ones and some sad ones…Here are the pictures from the events:

1) Joshua 21st Suprise Party at Red Box


Joshua and the cake

2) Brothers Day

The girls from Canaan did party for the guys in the church..But here are some pics I took during the preaching..


Wayne and his intesity…











Darren listening carefully…


3) Joshua’s 21st party at his house…


Big Boy…

4) UCSI Friends Farewell…

Some of my officemates were leaving and we had dinner somewhere around Cheras…

Da Gang

THE UCSI Friends….

5) William Farewell Lunch…

Hmmm, I am kinda sad but happy for Will, he is my colleague in the same department with me and he is going back to work at his previous place…Well, had Vietnamese food yesterday…















Will the Noodle Man…



The Lantern at Vietnamese Kitchen…

 Well, thats  small update for now…currently in da office just chilling and its a Saturday, and later backin church for the Sister’s Day Celebration….

To check out more pictures, go to my Flickr

-Later Days-


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