One Birthday, Two Portraits & A Big Eye…

Last week was Winnie’s birthday and yes as usual, we threw her a suprise party and she loved it…Hmmm, I am so happy someone like Winnie…she is the epitome of happiness, I mean the smile that she has can just make ur day…she has the sweetest smile ever…anyway here is to Winnie…


 Winnie Da Pooh…

Then on last Saturday was Sister’s Day, the guys from the church did the sweetest thing for the girls, got some candlelight action goin on, the place also had a live accoustic band and what else can be better than Salsa dip and chocolate fondue with fruits, they liked it…Well, no pictures for the event but on Sunday I took the best pictures that I have taken so far, two potrait shots…the first one is of a small girl named, Keisha and second one of my good friend Lam.  Here they are:





Lam D Guitar Maestro

 And on Sunday night, I went to Tasik Titiwangsa with Josh, Joyce, Jackie and HL to see the The EYE on Malaysia, its basically a giant @$$ Ferris Wheel in KL la…they have it in London and it is a big hype but its a good photo opp anyway…here are some pics…


The Eye on Malaysia



Well, that is all for now…ENjoy….

-Later Days-


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