Missing Kanye West and Face Lookalikes !

Yes, you read it right…I missed Kanye West last Sunday and I am really sad….Dang!!! Well, maybe the next century when he comes I will go yeah…I had free tickets but didnt have the car to go…Well, I did watch a well rated movie in the afternoon with Joshua, Jackie, Winnie, Marcus and Kok Leong… its known as “THE REAPING”…kinda scary and thriller feel..but overall its kinda an OK show…more information on the movie, click HERE

Other than that, my week is pretty slow as usual…the phrase that goes in line with my day is “SAME S**T, Diferrent Day”….At times, boredom just strikes you at times when you really need to concerntrate, and I was falling asleep at work…really needed a boost and and yes I went to Lam’s blog and found out that he has been busy doing face recognitions on MyHeritage.com. Basically, you upload a potrait picture of yourself or anyone you know and Voila ! you will get the closest celebrity lookalike…And this is was my result:

look alike

 Well, that are my celeb look alikes…Do I look like a Chinese guy? That was really funny la…anyway..thats all for now and if anyone out there wanna see what the others look like do check it out at Lam’s Blog : CLICK HERE …Till then take care peeps…

-Later Days-


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