Violence and Guns…Where they lead?


Violence has always been a big cry of the world and daily in our lives we have seen what violence has done. When I was 18, I vividly remember when I was taking the bus to college at the Kotaraya bus station, this dude got down from his bike and charged at a guy just because he crossed the road when he was riding….In midst of the hot bustling KL city, I witnessed two guys punching the daylights out of each other because of a very small mistake….

Even when I was in school, my friends actually had a fight just because the other guy cut into his line while buying food and this became a whole big deal and it was brought out of the school….Figures, how violence and rage can lead to?

Well, I am writing in regards to the recent shooting incident in the USA at Virgina Tech. I mean 32 people died and it is a real sad thing. But the funny part is that, in the USA this has been a norm and the people have moved on with thier lives after such incidents. Today’s paper, The Star had an interesting article. This guy mentioned that How many mass killings does the US public have to witness before its government gets serious about gun control?”  To know more about the writer <click>

This statement is true because we have seen over  the years the amount shootings that has taken place in schools and universities in the States is crazy. Check this out for the timeline of shootings in the USA… <click>

There are loads of information on shootings in the USA from the net and the list can go on and on…but how long is this gonna continue…its kinda sad and disappointing that a superpower of the world is taking such things easily…

Even Australia when had such a problem they came out with a more stricter rule against guns… <click> 

Well, those of you reading please tell me your views on this and lets see how we can at least make the smallest yet significant difference. And to the USA, please think about guns, its not the Wild West anymore….

-Later Days-


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