SCREWED Shoutout !

Yes, I know its been a few days since I posted and few days after Screwed ended in KL, but yes Penang here we come and just as Brana mentioned, I wouldnt have the time to say thanks to all the wonderful people that I have worked with so far… And here it goes:

The Tech Guys (Calvin Pang, Nicholas,Marvin & Jason)

You guys were awesome and thanks for giving us the lights and sounds effects for us or not there wont be doors and traffic lights.

The Stage Managers (Janice, Capri & Afiq)

Janice ur one hell of mama ! Keeping the fort in place and order. Of course it wont be complete with your trusty sidekicks, the KAKAKAKA ! bird named Capri and the Teddy Bear loving Afiq.

Lam Wai Yee– E as all of us know her, you have been a great actress and I am always in awe of you when you do your roles and you never fail to suprise me. Keep up the good work yeah.

Erin–  I am so happy to work with you in “Murukku”, you were an excellent daughter and a wonderful two timing master in “The Color Green” and yes keep on smiling as always yeah.

Emily the Moonjelie– I wont forget that as Brana mentioned in his blog, Emily you are the epitome of joy and yes you can be freaking emo and scare the shit out of people as well, dont pull that stunt again ok, next time you prepare for “Big Joke” let the whole world know ok. Luv ya lots.

Wai Min– My definition of a human gazelle is in the form of you, the cutie that never fail to amaze me with your characters and yes thanks for all the comfort food (cereals) that you gave me when I was hungry.

Rachel– I am happy working with you again after Rojak and yes indeed it was a happy moment working with you and yes keep up the head bobbin dance moves yeah.

Doreen Loo– Yup, the lady with the toilet and yes my friends loved you to the max, and yes who would have thought that since TOS started we met and practising in classrooms and heavy consumtion of Sweetie buns I am glad working with you.

Zalika– I will never forget you for your pre-stage dance moves which motivated me when I was so tired and thanks for being with me in “Murukku”, and I am so happy that I have learnt lots of things from you as well…Keep up that joy girl…

Christine– I am happy to have worked with you in this season’s production. I only had a brief meeting with you during the last production and yes our brief meeting at the Jazz Fest and yes meeting in the middle of the road at Mont Kiara again when my friends thought that I can talk any girl on the street. Well, your depecition of Angie did one hell of a job in convicing my friends that you were Punjabi but “Everybody knows darling! that you are not”…

Elza– Yes our friendship is special and I am happy knowing you and I wish you all the best in your future undertakings and hope to work with you someday yeah…Muackzzz

Gary– You are simply you la, from the 100 plus jokes to the in depth interview with the star in the make-up room just reminded me of how funny and reassuring a person can be. And yes Gary, no one can beat you when it comes to make-up la…

Nick– My bro from another mother ! You DA MAN! I am very happy knowing you and yes keep up the good work man and make sure you have all the plans ahead of you and you can achieve cuz you can bro…

Brana– Yes, it is my greatest joy and pleasure workin with you, the jokes and serious things that you have said is always in my mind. And Brana you are trully a wonderful and great actor, keep up the good work yeah and I know you will be really successful in everything you do yeah.

And Finally to :

Kelvin– You ROCK ! Keep up the good work and make sure your dreams are always seen as a footstool of what you are gonna do with it yeah…make sure give your best yeah…

And to all the people who came and supported The Oral Stage at KL Pac, a big fat thanks, especially to family and friends.

-Later Days-


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