Blogging Hiatus !

Hmmmm, I know I have not been blogging for a few days now but yeah, I am really caught up with some things and busy with work. I just had the “talk” with the BOSS and he was kinda pushing me do make sure I get my work done, well he was more like asking me to buck up as well la….I have been bit late in delivering my work so yeah he got kinda edgy la….Well, I guess that is life right? Sometimes you get it hard and at times it soft…thank god mine was soft, I mean I am really happy that I have a boss like him thus making things a bit simpler for me to get my work goin on…but yeah I need to get my work done and that is what I am getting money from…so if there is no posts here anytime soon, that means I am kinda busy at work ok.

But last week was awesome, the GLO retreat was awesome and the The Oral Stage show in Penang was great as well, till then take care to all of you all people out there….

-later days-


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