Of Mother’s Day and Bangkok Jazz…

Yes, on the eve of mothers day I was at my aunt’s place as the cousins organised a well deserved BBQ party. It was a good party, met up with the other relatives, you know the usual hi & hello’s, also checking out which cuz is goin out with someone….Well, as usual my sis and me were the only left out and when you are in a Indian family gathering, they will:

“So how no girlfriend yet?”

This line is almost like a magic chant that everyone will ask if you are 25 and not married…Well, I had to give them the same old anwers of work and exploring the world….But I was really happy to see my niece, she will be turning 1 soon and took some lovely pics of her.

Mum, Dad holding Karishma & my Sister

Little Cuz’s


After that I made my way to watch Weng Onn play with his band at Bangkok Jazz and they did an awesome job, KUDOS to you bro and ur band….

The Bassist…

Melissa Da Singer

Joyce the Singer….

Weng Onn DA Man…

-Later Days-


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