KL Photoshoot….

Yesterday Joshua and me went to downtown Kuala Lumpur to do some clicking….Josh equipped with a Canon 400D and me a 300D hit the streets of KL and got a few nice shots. It has been a while since Josh and myself were planning to take pictures and everytime it was put on hold but yesterday Josh said we should just go without all the complains (actually its me who is really BUSY la ).

Anywhere here are some pics that I took :


Where it all began…The Klang and Gombak River

Graffiti Art !

Makcik by Pasar Seni (Central Market)

Bird of the Gods…

How much do I have?

The National Flower

Flying High !

The Clock Tower

Hallway of Justice

Well, that were some of the pictures taken by me and for more updates look out for Joshua’s pictures and till then

-Later Days-


2 thoughts on “KL Photoshoot….

  1. We like pictures too Farah =) Dude, now got pressure to quickly post up my pics… haven’t even downloaded them to the mac yet. haha..

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