For Sharanya….

This is a promo for a good friend…Read on people….

Ochre As The Earth is a 90-minute long spoken word performance of original writing by Sharanya Manivannan, a Chennai-born writer, painter, dancer, actress, photographer and journalist.
Ochre As The Earth will be the first full-length feature performance in Kuala Lumpur by this poet residing in Malaysia.

Sharanya was born in India in 1985 and grew up in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Since 2001, she has been a rising figure in the local literary scene, having performed at dozens of readings, and she was recently invited to be a panel speaker at the 2007 Kriti Literary Festival in Chicago.


In late 2006, she self-published a handmade, limited edition chapbook of poems and images, Iyari. At only 21, Sharanya has established herself as an artist of great promise. Her writing is intense, sensual, earthy yet ethereal, negotiating all her dualities: her mother tongue and her language of expression, her sense of wretched exile and her gypsy soul, her melancholy and passion for life.

She is presently working on a novel, Constellation of Scars, and a collection of poems, Witchcraft.

Courtesy of Kakiseni


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