I am Super Busy…

That’s what I can say for now. List of things that I have in store for this week and next week:

  1. Annual Dinner for the company
  2. Preparing the skit for the dinner ( I really what I am gonna do and its this FREAKIN FRIDAY ! )
  3. Worship practices for two major upcoming events, the 1st in Indonesia on the 21st of June and another in July..
  4. Helping out the father to get some household and his work chores done…
  5. Ah YES ! the UCSI modelling course graduation and I am the emcee again…
  6. And lots of pictures for events all around the workplace..

I wish I could duplicate myself and be at all these places at once, anyway Joshua has ordered his new Mac Book Pro and click on his name to check out his UBER cool Ipod Nano (Product Red) which cant be found in Malaysia, its really awesome la…you all have to check it out…. And Doreen since you asked me update I did cuz if no one told me I also forgot edi la…Anyway Doreen and I had this conversation on our GMail chat appplicaation and somethin she said caught my eye… and here it is:

untitledI dont know if you all can read it but she actually said she enjoyed lepaking and hanging around at home and cooking..Its a good thing, no doubt but as far the Doreen I know she would not do this la…but all the staying at home has made her change her mind I suppose..Anyway kudos to you Doreen…take care and people out there all da best

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “I am Super Busy…

  1. = /
    rahsia terbongkar right? haha.

    but yeah, those ‘chill’ moments were damn good. really no worries, no issues, just wake up and go… “hmmm, what shall i do today?”

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