Sing Like Her…Be Amazed…

I was going through some YouTube videos and came across this. This girl named Connie can blow you away….and the best part is she is only 6 six years old. If you can find any 6 year who sings like this better send them to this show in the UK called “Britain’s Got Talent” and even Simon Cowell the nasty and laser mouth dude from American Idol was AMAZED !


8 thoughts on “Sing Like Her…Be Amazed…

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! She was awesome! Puts all of Malaysian’s and “Malaysian Idol” to shame. Man Britain DOES INDEED have talent 😀

  2. well I wouldnt go so far and get my knickers in a twist Marcus. Connie is a cute little blond girl with missing teeth and honestly would her performance really (think bout it) have been that ‘awesome’ had she been a grownup with a full set of teeth?
    just my two cents mate.

  3. OMG dude, you have 3,000 over freaking hits!!!
    But yeah, Connie was great. Though I prefer Paul Potts, or that monkey puppeteer dude…but still, Connie is fantastic.

    Gee, I wonder how would the response be if Malaysia has it’s own Malaysia’s Got Talent…

  4. LMAO! Rempits eh. But seriously, if she grows up to be anything like Mariah or Christina then yeah, I would still be impressed. Great talent transcends culture, age and beauty. Just look at Paul Potts 😛

  5. i dunno about her future career… but connie has incredible voice control for a six year old! mad skills. if she can do that now…. can you imagine what she could grow up into? kudos for the post and thanks for sharing.

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