Indonesia Updates !

Well, I was actually waiting for the pictures to be sent by Chandra from KK, Sabah cuz I nvr bring my camera and I used his to take some pics from the trip when I was in Indonesia.

I attended the Asia Pacific Youth Alive Confrence (APYAC) in Indonesia. The confrence was awesome and I was really blessed with the ministry time and the best part was on the 2nd nite of the confrenc, the Youth Alive Malaysia band did the worship and it was the best time in my life and an unforgetable moment as being part of a worship that led in songs at the famous Istora Senayan stadium where Thomas Cup badminton finals is held.Anyway, the 5 days of me in Indonesia was such a blessing and I wanna thank God for his providence as I went on this trip. The biggest and fondest memories will be the people that I met and special mention to the Hospitality team that took care of us. The warmth of the people who took care and brought us around will always be in my heart. Anyway here are some pictures that I took at the confrence…

It was one Funny Sign !

Krispy Kreme’s the best donuts ! Sorry Lam cant buy for  you yeah ! And there are Donuts everywher in Indonesia also Bread Talk and Roti Boy.

Pas Daniel, Chandra and Me

Dorkas, Me & Yohana ( The sister’s )

Me, Angel (She was the one taking care of the arrangements of my accomodation) Chandra & Sathish

The Grand Topic Hotel gang…

Me and Sanie ( Rocker Chic Worship Leader )

Yosi and Me ( Awesome Gal, went to her church & she is getting married in July and goin off to Melbourne)


Anyway, those of some the pictures that I have but there are more to come and will post up more pics and the only thing I wanna say is I was really blessed and the Indonesian people are awesome !

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “Indonesia Updates !

  1. ARGH!! Krispy Kremes!!

    Ok la never mind, I forgive you…well, reason why I wana try out Krispy Kremes so badly is cuz of what I’ve heard about it, that it’s really good and if you enjoy Dunkin Donuts, then you will absolutely love Krispy Kremes cuz it’s 10 times better…

    But I wan the dvds that you bought…

  2. Lam,crispy creme is the states is ………*drooling* btw,u can try big apple’s donnut cus there’re using the same machine and the ingredients are the same.U need to heat them b4 u eat them.SEDAP SIAL!

    Pra,U’re latest post *wink wink* LMAO~

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