All These Happens in Movies…

These things I am gonna list down are some ot the things or scenarios you can see in a Hollywood show, if you all out there have more let me know yea:

  1. When a girl is in a house all by herself in a horror movie, it is always raining or thunder and lightning outside.
  2. Anybody eating chinese food always eats it out of the box with chopsticks.
  3. A woman´s shoes always make high heel clacking sounds, regardless which shoe type she wears. She can even wear sneakers…
  4. Butlers always speak in a monotone voice and are very unhappy.
  5. Guns never have to be reloaded. Characters will shoot forever.
  6. All old ladies in movies have cats.
  7. Teens are always confronted by their lover/crush/friend the EXACT moment they open their locker.
  8. In scary movies, some girl ALWAYS has to trip while running away from the murderer despite how flat the ground may be.
  9. The Eiffel tower is perfectly visible from any window in Paris.
  10. In teenager movies, popular guys will make a bet or deal to go out with an unpopular girl. During the bet he will fall for her and then she finds out and they get in a big fight.

Well, that is only ten that I have but I am just to lazy to write more…so if you want more, just click here

~Later Days~


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