Of Random Things that Happened Today…

I was having lunch with the Entertaintment Junkie (EJ) and The Chay, also joining us was my colleagues Lee Yin and Elizabeth…anyways we were talking and EJ suddenly mentioned something about “Ball Cough” and I was dumbfounded by that. The Chay asked her what’s that and she said he friend got this treatment part of a medical check up before he left to overseas….And all of us were WOAHHH !!! So, guys out there the next time you all go and get medical check-ups, make sure the doctor doesnt touch ur “B@LL$” and asked you to cough so that everything is cool…

On other note the SPICE Girls are reuniting. CLICK , hope they will stay together for long now and here is their latest picture together:


Finally, I was looking at some YouTube videos and saw a video on Amy Winehouse from England, she is talented but now she looks all so weird and creepy…Here are some pics of her and she was decent looking but now its just weird:

Amy Winehouse : The skinny pic is her recent one and the other one is when she was well.

But despite that, I came upon a cool performance that she did in Holland and she is good…What you guys reckon?


4 thoughts on “Of Random Things that Happened Today…

  1. eh the ‘ball cough’ shocked me when i heard it too! i heard it from a Singaporean… for med checks before enlisting as a NS-man, they make you do that whole cough routine too, and then see the movement of them? something along those lines.

  2. I’m pretty sure its written in the doctor’s text book about the ‘ball cough’ – “Perk Alert! If you like that tall, dark and handsome patient of yours, try this out, it really breaks the ice. Works for both men and women”

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