The Past Week….And Other Things That Happened…

The past week was awesome and I was so bummed after the whole event…but it was GREAT !!!! Firstly the Fire Up confrence in Glad Tidings, Petaling Jaya was just awesome and God has been really good…

Pas. Michael Rowan is one awesone preacher and man of God, I mean his preaching is right on your face and not your typical preaching where there is comfort and nice words to calm the soul…I mean this guy is not only funny but he is so serious when it comes to the things of God and yes being part of the worship team was just awesome…and just as in Lam’s post I too wanna make a shout out..I dunno if these guys will read or not but anyway here it goes:-


  • Terry – Keepin on rockin and be a good colleague yea, but ur awesome !
  • Raymond – Groovy Baby !!! He is one cool bass player
  • Rose aka Ps. Rose – Hit em up style those drums…

Glad Tidings, Petaling Jaya

  • John Koo – Thanks for the lyrics and getting the CD done for us yeah…
  • Amanda -Keep on singing GIRL….
  • Hui Yean – Ur so cool and yes thanks for the words of wisdom for “Consuming Fire”

Canaan Church ( My Church)

  • Lam- Keep on playing that guitar man…YOU ROCK !
  • Annie – Awesome girl…
  • Angela- Keep up thwe good work and you were Great !

Revival Centre

  • Kam Fwai – Keeping on singing with passion…
  • Lionel- The man with the sexy guitar
  • Kevan – Kenny G, Malaysian version but with the keyoboards…

Hosanna Praise Assembly

  • Jennifer- The queen of all Respect…

Anyway the time I had was really awesome and thank god for all the people that I came across with….

Besides, all of that a BIG BIG BIG BIG Thanks to LAM who has been promoting me with all the pictures that he posted on me….those pics are so funny and random…Also this happened yesterday when I went for lunch….and people out there guess what these boy and girl are doing?

Sailormoon Chay and Ultrawoman Pet

Besides, I was going through some pictures from my old college days in my office PC and I came upon this…

Me, I am so thin wahhh !

I cant believe this, that was like 2 years ago when I was in Year 2 and I was so thin and I cant get my eyes of this picture…Looks this is gonna be my motivation to loose weight ! I wish I can get back to that shape, actually its not easy but will take some extra effort to do so….And this is how I look now…

This is me now..and see all the weight I have put on…

Anyway,I wish I can loose weight ….sigh ! But I am still happy with myself….

By the way the office has got this for the whole department and I am simply overjoyed..Here it is :

My new 17 inch, Samsung monitor…

And for those of who you all wanna see more pictures from my Indonesia trip and I can bet this pictures look awesome and I love them to bits… CLICK

Well thats all for now..

~Later Days~


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