Updates…Why ? Because I can….

Finally after last week’s hectic things that was happening in my life only now I have time to update my blog and even today morning was such a rush as the High Commissioner of Nigeria to Malaysia was in UCSI to meet and greet the Nigerian students here. It was supposed to be a big affair but was just a mediocre one. Anyhow, everything went on well and I had to wear my suit again and be the reporter role to be shown here:Besides, work has been really good but last week had an awesome time at the Influence Confrence in Gld Tidings, Petaling Jaya. It was a confrence specially catered for college students and working young adults. I was so privilleged to be part of the worship team and the official photographer and here are some pics…And the guest band was from Aussie named InTone:

The committe with the InTone Band

The Photographers with InTone Band

Marus  Marcus and Me

Lead Guitarist: InTone Band

Lead Singer : InTone Band

The YOuth Alive Malaysia Band: Of People from Kepong (me& Marcus), PJ( John Koo) and the rest are from Klang ! Go Figure…heheheh

And my favorite shot has to be of Joshua…cuz always no one shoots the photographer..and here you go buddy…


And for you all of you who wants more pictures from the confrence, all you have to do is click HERE and you all can have pictures from there and please notify me yeah….

Coming Soon to a blog post near you !

Soon, my niece’s Bday pictures….till then

~Later Days~


3 thoughts on “Updates…Why ? Because I can….

  1. Thanks for the mention man =) Too bad I couldn’t make it for Saturday. Don’t forget to update your blog man, don’t slack off… hahaha…

  2. Ehhh, Melvin also played? Keyboardist and Back-up?

    Yin Har, Diana and Sara also joined the band or just went to look see eni?

    And is that guy in the orange teeshirt Raymond?

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