A True Malaysian ICON !

I came home kinda late yesterday cuz I went to one of my best friends birthday party celebration at SS2 and I am so glad to know this dude and he is one awesome brother that I have known and he is leaving to the USA in Septemeber…anyway HAPPY Birthday to you WENG ONN ! And I cant believe we did crazy things like this:Well after I came home, I read the newspaper and was flipping through channels and I was just on time to see the repeat of the new show called Ikon Malaysia and is basically a show whereby the showcase new and vibrant talents is singing as a band or solo…the winner of both categories will represent Malaysia as an icon and will compete against icons from other ASEAN countries and I am so happy that she won:

Jacyln Victor

I am so happy that she is representing the country as an Icon and man this girl can sing and she blew all of the other contestants off especially this guy: I mean if it was him who is representing Malaysia as an icon, it will be the same situation as the ASEAN cup football tournament results….but he has come a long way…but I seriously think Jac deserves this and its about time that Malaysia should realise to choose the real talent and not just mere performances and in the group category it went to these lads:


These fellows have been around since the time when I was in high school and also not forgetting other bands like Butterfingers…anyway I am happy with the results overall and I think that this is a good platform for local artistes to shine and do well in the music industry….

And yes for those of u all out there who wanna see another crazy video of Weng Onn and me, here it is….I still cant believe that I did such weird and wacky things….


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