Pray, Petition for Koreans in Afghan and I AM DAMN P!$$3D !

Today is one of the most worst day in working in UCSI….But today I was so saddened by the killing of the 2nd Korean hostage in Afghanistan.

I mean whats up with this guys la ! Cant they just release these innocent people and just be themselves..but no, they have to be all manly and high and mighty by killing innocent people in order for them to fulfill their requests…. In today’s news according to the New York Times the Korean government has urged the Americans to plead to the Taliban to resolve this matter well… Click HERE for more news… but the news that just broke my heart and I was really tearing inside as I read THIS , I mean they killed the guy and just dumped the body by side of the road and the picture taken of the body is widely spread in all forms of media….And this is where media ethics and PR comes in picture…

I still remember one picture that is so vivid in my mind till now, it was during the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers in USA and one picture stood out, it was a picture of a fireman carryin this baby girl who was dead in his arms…I mean imagine when the parents saw that picture of thier daughter on the front page and national news, it would just crush them and hurt them badly… All these boils down to the editor’s view, whether its ethical or the readership of the paper goes higher…. And thats the same happened for Korean hostage because when the mother saw her son dead, she was in a state of shock and fainted…These are things to consider to all my friends in the media world to think before you excute your stories….

And for those of you all you wanna help in a small way to stop all these Korean hostage situation thingy please send ur petitions HERE and thats the smallest thing you can do and do pray lots for these families and them as well….

Yes, finally I am just officially ranting about the inefficency of the UCSI management in excuting their projetcs…I just wanna say that they really have to buck up on interpersonal skills and job management and one word is at times they S##K big time….

Till then, take care…

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “Pray, Petition for Koreans in Afghan and I AM DAMN P!$$3D !

  1. hey,
    was clicking arnd and ended up here! u take really nice pics 🙂
    sad thing bout the korean hostages, no?
    the only thing we can do now is pray, pray, pray!

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