Disturbia and other updates….

Yesterday I went to watch this with Lam and Marcus, well it was good show with the usual twists and turns but it was your typical weirdo trying to kill every single redhead or blonde of the neighbourhood and mummify the bodies in the basement of the house and its so predictable Hollywod style of movie….and yes I would agree with many filmakers that I have heard speak or mention that Hollywood is good at doing business but at times the movies are so blunt and typical….I also agree with Pet by this statement “She’s such a beauty…” ,

This is due to the style of Jean Luc Goddard’s discretion to choose the right girl for the character in the movie “Breathless” , that movie is really a masterpiece, I mean for Goddard to shoot this movie and bring the emotions, it was just brilliant and Francois Truffaut, the director who showed what Film Noir at its best in 400 Blows ( its not some porn flick by the way ) paved the way for Hollywood films to use such techniques in order the movies in Hollywood will look and feel better but with loads of hype…Well, I can talk about movies on and on…I really love movies and the things that you can learn from them can be powerful…Maybe the next time I should write about Asian cinema….and Petrina by the way not all Bollywood movies are sucky la ! hehehe…

Well, last week my church had their 38th Anniversary dinner and here are some pictures from the nite:

MY favorite ladies:  Jackie & Joyce

The Dancers of DA nite…

The Backstage Crew…

For more pictures of the event, click HERE

And the previous week, I had a reunion with my UCSI college mates and it was so good to meet and catch up with them….One of them (Wey Ling ) is in Singapore studying….and it was an awesome reunion…We met in Times Square , here they are:

Wey Ling & Joey

Mei, Tasha & ME

From Front: Mei, Joey, Wey Ling & Tasha

Front : Wey Ling BF, Wey Ling, Joey, Mei, Tasha & ME and

Back : Adonis WOng a.k.a A Turtle Wong…

It was really a good and well time spent catching up with friends and some of them are doin well in studies and also their business…

And finally for those Simpsons fans, here is a very well done clip of Simpsons Intro in Real Life…Enjoy:


But I found this one which I think you guys havent seen before…Here it is:


One thought on “Disturbia and other updates….

  1. Yo! prakash!! 😀
    haha yea great catching up man. thanks for all the beautiful pictures!
    You’re trully born gifted in media field yea. hehe.
    take care, enjoy life and hopefully we’ll meet again soon =)

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