GAY Minister?

I was utterly shocked when I heard this last week from Pas. Mike Constantine regarding this guy coming to KL and starting a church for the homosexuals in KL…I was shocked but I dont deny the fact its not wrong for them to go church but going as they are and not changed is not right in my opinion….

Check out the article on STAR newspaper regarding this…CLICK

Anyway its just goin on to say that how the world is changing and even the values that are imposed to the world is changing. It is clearly stated in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong and yet there are people who still stay in the own ways but move on to do the work of God yet they are homosexuals…Would any other religions condone to this? Its at times questionable when it happens in the Christian circle…I just pray that guy will know what he wants and only GOd can deal with it…God says love the person and hate the sin and I hope and pray this guy who claims he is a minisiter of God is doing this thing will be touched by God and he will realise….

Anyway last week on Sunday went to KLCC with Joshua to watch this and it was really…erm let me see, it was plain BORING and very DODGY !Well, after that we had our cameras and we manage to click a few shots of the GLORIOUS, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC):


What a BEAUTY !

Purple Flower at the Entrance of KLCC…

Till then, have a wonderful weekend you all and do give your comments on this whole issue and lets stand for the FAITH….

~Later Days~



2 thoughts on “GAY Minister?

  1. Erm… No offense, but my view is that there’s nothing wrong with what’s he’s doing. Freedom of choice should be given to everyone, whether or not we agree with what they are doing – as long as they’re not hurting anyone. IMHO, anyway.

    But honestly, it’s between him and God to decide what’s wrong and right, don’t you think? I believe that God just wants us to respect Him and try our best to be good people.

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