Of Chinese songs and KL City…

Last Friday was a well spent evening as I was at a rather interesting event in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall opposite Stadium Merdeka was my destination and it was an event that you would not see an Indian guy…anyway I was invited my Ryan, one of my friends from college who is studying music and majoring in voice and he sings with a semi professional choir which is led by one of his lecturers, well there I was in this old building and was listening to the resident choir belting songs in Mandarin and I was clueless but the catch of the night was that Ryan sang 6 Mandarin songs and one solo with the National Champion and I was there to capture it all….Well, here are some pictures from the nite…

Ryan Landis Matthew

Ryan and the duet partner…

The Full Choir…

In Sephia mode…

A different angle..

Well, the building was really nice to shoot ans after the event I went down KL, Dataran Merdeka and took some pics as well:

Fountain near Dataran Merdeka

KL Streets….

KL City Hall Building

`Later Days`



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