Well, starting from today and till end of the month, there are few good events are happening….


This event is an avenue for upcoming poets, singer-songwriters, short film directors to showcase their talents. My good friends Pat and Priya are the mail organisers and for more information CLICK :


OMG: The Merdeka Session

2) KL Sunrise Digi Jazz Festival

A yearly event that features Malaysian musicians and jazz is the main course of all the nites. And my very good friend Terry is also performing with Shanon Shah on the 19th

Jazz Fest at Mont Kiara…

Well, thats for the events but I was browsing through some  entertainment sites and saw the latest Britney Spears pictures for ALLURE magazine and DANG ! she look really hot and she removed her blond wig and she took pics with her mid long brunnete hair…and she looks really HOT ! I mean there are some photoshop editing done to the pictures but she has lost all that weight and I hope she is getting back to the right path, and she looks nice when others dress her up but if she dresses herself its a disaster…anyway for more pictures of Britney in ALLURE Magazine, CLICK:

But here are some preview for you all out there….

Britney looking SEXAY !

You Go GIrl…

By the way Britney is wearing a Dolce & Gabana jeans and natural top…HEHEHEHE !

~Later Days~


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