Of Jazz Fest to A Village in the City & Poets…

Last week was one heck of a week and I wont forget Sunday as I was out with the KL Flickr people to take some pictures at a village in KL. But last Friday was awesome as well, I was at the Digi Sunrise Jazz Festival and my good ole buddy was playing alongside Shanon Shah, here are some pictures of Terry in action with the band known as The Cintas:

Terry and the band…

Terry Da Bass Man

Terry you ROCK / Jazz man !

To see more pictures from the nite, please CLICK

And on Sunday morning I had the most wonderful experience in taking pictures with the KL FLICKR group…and the place was Kg. Abdullah Hukum which is behind Mid Valley and the place is gonna be demolished soon and the people will be relocated and this one chance for me and the group to document this place…and here are some shots from that trip:

Post box AGED !



Indian Girl…One of my favorite shot for the day…

Old & New…

For more pictures from that day, CLICK

On that nite..I went for the OMG- Merdeka Sessions and watched singer-songwriters and poets performing:

Reuben and his One hit wonder

Gary Ooi

Sharanya Manivanan 

Dervin of The Mary Jane Foundation


Two Guitars and A bomb

Brana and his sexy T-shirt at the Mamak

For more pictures of the OMG-Merdeka Sessions, please CLICK 

Well, thats the update for now and there are more things I wanna write and share with me readers and I hope that some things will change someone thoughts even their life !

~later days~


6 thoughts on “Of Jazz Fest to A Village in the City & Poets…

  1. hey.. i went and see your photos..
    in the group shot of your photo outing to abdullah hukum..
    there’s a guy on the left..

    he called himself byrd rite.. or abdul rahman (his name)
    if i am not mistaken.. yeap, i know him! hah!

  2. Hey dude,

    NIce pictures all round, and thanks for the ones with me at OMG! i forgot ot bring my camera hence have no pictures apart form the one you took so thank you.

    Hope you liked the songs last week and keep in touch man. feel free to chekc out my blog *no cool pictures, just some radnom ones i find on the net* rhetoricheart.blogspot.com or anothe rone specifically for my music at rashdanharith.blogspot.com

    take care man, keep in touch.

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