Of Traditional Wear and Independence…

Today the college celebrated the mini “Merdeka” celebration in conjuction with the countries 50th year of Independence and they had the usual sing alongs of patriotic songs, a sketch where 2 kids went back in time and was during the Japanese occupation, also dances and solo singing….Well, I was helping out in shooting the whole event for Web TV production of UCSI.

The whole event was celebrated by students and orgainsed by the Students Affairs Office and in support of the event,I wore the tradtional Malay costume for men known as “Baju Melayu”…and I manage to snap pictures with a few of the lovely and HAWT ladies that work in UCSI…

Chloe & Me..

Ernie & Me…

Chloe (Btw she is a mother  of 1)

Moi and yes I know my shoes dont match but who cares…

Anyway, there is 8 days to Merdeka and I hope all you people out there will cherish MALAYSIA for the past 50 years and more to come….

~Later Days~


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