Photography Galore & 24 Hour Flickr Meetup at Maison

I know I have not been updating for the past few days, and I am darn busy at work and it is a big huge roller coaster ride, I thought no students in college would make my workload less but its the other way around….Looks like there are lots of things that I have been working on.

The main Internet TV Project that is supposed to kick off has been on stall as “THEY”, I mean they the management are still sourcing out for the equipments and its been a lot for me as I had to shoot and edit some of the videos that has been on the current Web tv portal on the UCSI website. Besides, the management has found some unwanted remarks made on Wikipedia regarding UCSI, and now my department has the task of be the gatekeepers like Bernama, Reuters or AP…its just so weird la….

Well, thats for work, but I have been on a photo frenzy recently… Last Sunday I joined the Canon Photo Marathon, hoping to win a brand new spanking Canon 30D camera and winning an all paid trip to Japan for one but the prize was won by a 16 year old kid and another a Malay guy…anyway here are some pictures that I took that whole day….



Well, as seen here are the pics that I took on that day and I was lucky enough to shoot when the rehearsals was goin on hence the pictures of the Sultan Abdul Samad building from the stands where the school kids perform…it was a sight to behold…For more pictures please CLICK

It was one awesome time at the Canon Marathon and yesterday was one big nite as hit with the KL Flickr Meetup group as we celebrated the success of the 24 Hours of Flickr celebration at Maison in KL. The best part was the Flickr people from US were as part of the Asian tour and they gave loads of freebies for everyone who came and the ULTIMATE thing was they gave free PRO Accounts for everyone who came…And yes I have another year of unlimited supply of loading pictures on FLICKR….ANd here are some pictures from yesterday nite:

Flickr coloured cupcakes and Joshua this picture is for you dude…CUPCAKES !

Han waving…She is one Awesome ! photohog…

Magnus in his element…

Janice in Angry mode…


Free Coffee Table Book…

Glass Shot…Thanks Kazzie for the 50mm lens

MOi…love the lighting that nite…

Well, that is some of the photos that I took and for more pictures you can CLICK  and anyone interested to take pictures this Friday for Merdeka please let me know yeah…cuz I will be goin to take some pics….till then take care…

~Later Days~



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