Of Pets, War Photography, Birthdays & THE BODY SHOP…

 Loads of things are happening and hence the short Hiatus in not writing the posts, anyway I took some pictures of my cats at home and here are the shots:

Simba the Persian

Amy the Tabby Cat ( we took her from SPCA )

And yesterday, Joshua and me went to the Click!Magazine Live Center for a documentary organised by the KL Flickr Meetup group. The title of the documentary was called “War Photographer” and it was really inspiring. The story of James Nachtwey is one awesome journey of this man’s passion for war photography and how he speaks of the passion and feeling he has for his pictures and the people that he shoots. I guess no one has been a true photographer as him, he is so damn bloody dedicated to his work for 20 over years….And he has really BIG B@@!$ to do what he is doing. So for all you inspring photogs please read up on this guy and be inspired.

Well, after that we left and went to find good ole Marcus as it was his birthday, as we reached his house accompanied by Lam & Hong Liang…We, woke him up from his sleep and blindfolded him and left by the side of the road near Metro Prima and made him walk to the Bak Kut Teh (pork in broth) stall. And it was a nice time and Marcus Happy Birthday to you man…

Marcus Blindfolded….

Happy birthday Marcus…

 And lastly some side news, if those of you who loves The Body Shop products, the founder of the place, Anita Rodick passed away. RIP to her and kudos to her for creating awareness around the world on environmental care and usage of natural products. Read more about it all HERE

Finally, can you believe they have opened a HOOTERS outlet in Beijing, China…CLICK and why on earth in China, I mean you know how does a HOOTERS girl looks like, I mean they must have big beautiful “EYES” but looks like they can do it anywhere and China will be the next hub for your HOOTERS gal… if you wanna see a real HOOTERS gal looks like in the USA…CLICK 

~Later DAYS~


5 thoughts on “Of Pets, War Photography, Birthdays & THE BODY SHOP…

  1. nice shots of klcc. i take it ur a photographer. Sweet! cats huh. Well, i am more of a dog person. I hv a labrador retriever. she is the sweetest thing but weighs as much as a tank.


  2. thanks su for the comments, actually I love dogs as well cuz the cats are my sister’s,so you have to care for them as well, and thanks for dropping by my blog and yes I am photographer…if you drop by do leave ur blog add as well…

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