50:44 Coalition

Ok this happened last week and I know its bit late to write bout this, but my friends performed at the Annexe, Central Market in KL last week for this event that will end this coming sunday. Its called 50:44 Coalition and it is a very good event organised by various NGO’s. Well, the guys from THE ORAL STAGE did a small stint and it was called “TERLARANG” meaning Forbidden and it was for the Freedom of Speech and expression that was theme on that day.

Basically, this 50:44 thingy is to commerate the 50 years of Independence and 44 years of Malaysia formation. And it is really an eye opener for me as they had really good speakers and telling about various things we can do to help people when they are in trouble. Anyway here are some pictures from the piece TOS did:





Yee with a Stare

Kelvin the Director

“Happy Birthday Malaysia”– Rachel Lai

The Cast

Yee all Japanese….

Well, people take care and if you all wanna see the whole album please CLICK

~LAter DAys~


4 thoughts on “50:44 Coalition

  1. Yay… Thanks for the pictures..
    I really like the ones that have that color contrast thing. It made the black and white and red stand out real loud.

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