A Long Break….

Its been so long since I blogged and I have been really busy with work and all that I have been so long neglecting my good ole blog that has helped to recognise people from the blogosphere…..

Anyway I have been really busy with the WEb TV work that is one the marketing tools that UCSI has been using, for more information on what I have been workin please CLICK  and I have been editing videos over videos since I started this new job but it has its perks as well…The office just got this for me so that I can do all the video editing work….wanna know what it is…here it is:





Its a 24 inch iMac with all the cool stuff….anyway its just awesome….Well, and another cool item that I got this week was this:

An antique Yashica Mat camera

For more information on this baby…check out HERE 

I am so happy that I have got this camera, and I am waiting to take pictures with it and just cant wait to shoot with it….anyway thats a small update for now and I promise that I will keep on updating with lots of upcoming things that will be happening in my path…till then

~later Days~


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