A Well Deserved Hiatus…I guess….

Anyway its been a really crazy week for me as la…Gosh…anyway there are so many things happening and I just dont have the time to blog about it, but yesterday I had a wonderful time taking pictures at my friends studio and I took pictures of someone that I have always wanted to take pictures, its Aruna….I knew Aruna from my church friend Ian and we even went to the Philipines together….she is of a mix parentage hence the charming and pretty looks tat comes along with that….well here are some shots of her….

Hmmm, looks like I am gonna have my blog more of a photography blog, in coming times…Anyway thanks Syahrin…And people enjoy the pics…:






Aruna Cheng Tze


 And finally, I took a shot of Hong Liang being attacked by the red cloth…Syahrin’s idea…here it is:


Hong Liang & the attack of the Red Cloth…


~Later Days~




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