Celebrities at my workplace….

Last week, we had a few celebrities came to my college as part of a MOU signing between them and my college in collaboration of starting a new course…Firstly the main celebrity couple was Christien & Lavin who are brand themselves of beauty products…Click HERE for more information on them

Anyway there other Malaysian celebrities who were part of the whole event which includes, the ever so lovely Sazzy Falak & Daphne Iking…also Ashraf Sinclair, Razif Hashim & James Wong…well, just google their names and you can get info on them as well….Anyway I decided to take some pics with them as well…You should not miss a chance rite…hehehe…so here they are:

From Left: Ashraf Sinclair, Christien New,Lavin Seow, Sazzy Falak, Daphne Iking, Ashraf Sinclair & Razif Hasim

Joshua & me with Daphne

Lavin, Me and Sam

Christien & me…

Anyway thats all for now…till then Later DAys….


3 thoughts on “Celebrities at my workplace….

  1. heyo! eh someone rubbing shoulders with with celebs πŸ˜‰
    thanks for the comments- those pics with the kids are shot on film, thus the awesome colours! yes, i use a piece of junk, a chinon. and yes, of course we should take them and go shoot things down. well, i’ll see ya at OMG (yes, of course pictures from you are very welcome!) and till then, take care ya.


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