Runway Photography…

It was my first time shooting at fashion show…the event was the MIFA Gala 2007 that was held at KLCC Convention Centre….and I got media passes to go in and my oh my, the amount of pro photographers were just overwhelming cuz the show was on lingerie….beautiful Brazillian models strutting their stuff with sexy lingerie….anyway less talking and more pics yeah…

MIFA 2007


MIFA 2007







 Triumph Show….


Well, thats it for now, I cant wait for this weekend as one of our KL Flickr group friend is getting married…So till then..

~Later DAys~


8 thoughts on “Runway Photography…

  1. OOOH. The 3rd corset lingerie is damn sexy!

    Lingerie fashion shows are so awesome. I wish i could be at a Victoria’s Secret show before i die. hahha…

  2. And hey! Think we could meet up soon? Or could you pass my dvds to Josh. then i’ll somehow collect from him? heheh…
    I wanna collect back my dvds from him also. He has gilababi a lot. And i bet he hasn’t even watched half of them. So i’m gonna take them back. Summore now i got holidays… Time to re-watch my older films!

    Lemme know k? 🙂

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