Of Weddings, Rock Concert, Work & Christmas Shopping !

Yes, I finally had the time today to blog and update my blog, miss writing actually….Well, Joshua yesterday sms me and said that I am more active on Flickr than my blog which seems to be kinda true at times, so that is why I have lots of pictures on my blog rather than text….

Well, its been a crazy two weeks with loads of things happening and I was in Johor to shoot the video for my friend’s wedding and in KL the next week and by the way a big big congrats to David and Nechelle on tying the knot yea and here are some pictures from that nite:

Group Picture


David toasting…


My sister…


Joshua and Joyce…


Joshua & me with David’s parents : JoKash Productions…


With both the families…


Joyce and Grace


Well, that was the dinner and last week I followed Joshua to watch the Battle of Bands organized by a local college magazine named MyC and my friends band was playing but I played with the lead man of the band, Samuel Oh for a young adults conference early this year, anyway their band , Bus Company won the event and it was an awesome performance by this guys….And here are some pictures from that nite….

Samuel Oh

The guys after winning…

Bus Company gals….

Well, congrats to the guys and more to come and people out there look out for this band yeah….these guys are gonna rock the Malaysian music scene…

pics taken from Joni’s blog

Oh yes, last week I was in Taiping for the National Youth camp organized by Youth Alive malaysia and this year’s HUGE camp theme was CHAMPION and yes part of the camp they had a Fear Factor challenge with various tasks such as eating cow brains, goat testicles, human fruit juice and others. Here is a preview what happened at the camp:

 Click Here

 Yup. I am back at work for the next couple of days and will on holidays till next week after Christmas and yes I am so glad that I am done with my Christmas shopping, all done and waiting for that time of the year to come and presents will be everywhere and till then you all take care yea….

 ~Later Days~


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